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Glimpse into the life of the Tsarevich

Extracts from the Letters of Aleksey

These extracts have been chosen to provide an idea of daily life for the Tsar and his family and specifically to give a picture of life in the Alexander Palace. They were translated by Jsenya Dyakova.


601,1153, p.8, Ts. Selo, May 11, 1913
"...Dear Father, we play blind man's buff, paints and gorodki without you. I love you very much and I am kissing you. Aleksey..."

Oct. 26, 1914, pp.22,23
"...Today we are going to make another fire. At 6 p.m. Mother, sisters and I will go to the Palace's hospital. Shot and Ortino (dogs) are playing. The weather is fine but there is very little snow. I stay out of doors for a long time every day and go for drives in the motor-car. I've begun reading stories by cossack Lugansky..."

Oct. 28, 1914, p.24
"...We played Indians..."

Oct. 30, 1914, p.26
"...We made a fire today and I daubed my face with soot..."

Oct. 31, 1914, p.28
"...I go on studying but I don't get very good marks.."

Apr. 16, 1915,p.51
"...The Tower is still there but the top has already melted. Yesterday I got a very interesting present: an officer sent me a steel arrow from the army in the field. I am reading a very interesting book now about Peter the Great which Mother gave me as a present..."

Sept. 7, 1915, p.69
"...Everyday I go for a drive in the Crimean motorcar..."

Sept. 15, 1915,p.72.
"...Yesterday we had a picnic in the garden. We baked potatoes in one of the fires, then we sat down at the table and ate them all. We very much enjoyed being there and the fire warmed us..."

Sept. 19, 1915, p.73
"...Our picnic yesterday was a success. We baked not only potatoes but apples as well. They were very appetizing. The apples were especially delicious..."

Nov. 13, 1915, p.75
"...Anastasia is sitting beside me and reading something. I haven't seen Nickolai Dmitrievich for 2 weeks already. It's rather dull. It's become much cosier in the sisters' room with a couch in it..."

Dec. 6, 1915, p.76
"...Yesterday evening Aunt Ella came. When they were having dinner I started to knit a scarf of many- coloured wool. Dr.Polyakov came in the morning and dug in the ears and in the nose but not his own but mine.."

Feb. 12, 1916, p.93
"...Yesterday Fyodorov and 5 sailors who were not at service worked on the Tower. Today 9 people worked there. You'll have a great surprise when you come. The ladder is ready already. The weather is fine - 8 degrees below zero. I cough a little. We cast tin round blocks with Zhilin..."

Feb. 16, 1916, p.95
"...On Sunday I was at Anya's concert. Best of all I liked the story about a headmaster of a school who was angry with a boy because the boy hiccupped. Yesterday I was in the Grand Palace. They showed "The Distorting Mirror". It was very interesting. Today Pyotr Vasilievich Petrov will read to me about Pushkin with the magic lantern..."

March 5, 1916,p.99
"...Yesterday 11 people worked with Fyodorov. They've already made a roof above the ladder..."

March 8, 1916
"...The sailors work on the Tower 2 times a day. An hour in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon. I have got tired of winter. I was at Anya's on Sunday. There was a conjurer who showed interesting tricks..."

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