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from Interfax

Moscow, November 8, Interfax - Tsar Nicolas II's grand-nephew Nikolay Romanovich Romanov is truly convinced that the children's relics discovered near Yekaterinburg in summer this year belong to prince Alexey and grand princess Maria.

"Certainly, it is miracle. I believe with all my heart that it is just so: The miracle has happened, and we will get the comprehensive witnesses that the tsar's son and daughter have been discovered," Romanov stated in the interview to the Izvestia newspaper published on Thursday.

At the same time he called experts to proceed identifications of the relics very thoroughly and not to do hasty conclusions.

"The most important thing is to get the true confidence. Either yes or no. There is no need to hurry. Now I have fully confidence to the investigation as I had it in 1998. We are ready to wait as much time as it may be required" - the representative of the Romanovs' House.

According to his words the Romanovs' family includes more that 30 persons.

The family union has already existed and since the first funeral we really felt that we are member of the one family. We have become closed, connected and united to each other. Now we are the Romanovs' family indeed" - the last Russian Emperor's grand nephew told.


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