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Russian, foreign experts to finally assess study of "royal remains"

Yekaterinburg, June 2, Interfax - The study of remains that could prove to be those of Alexey and Maria, the children of the last Russian tsar Nicholas II, is to be finished in late June, said Nikolay Nevolin, the head of the Sverdlovsk regional forensic medical bureau.

"I think the examination of the bones will be completed in late June and the results obtained will be handed to renowned experts in Russia and abroad, who did not participate in the laboratory analyses," Nevolin told Interfax on Monday.

These experts will state their opinion on the laboratory tests made, he said.

Bones of two persons with signs of a violent death were discovered during excavation works on the Staraya Koptyakovskaya road near Yekaterinburg in July 2007. The bones were tentatively identified as those of a child aged 10-14 years, and a woman aged 20 years.

The bones found could be those of Crown Prince Alexey and Grand Princess Maria.

Genetic examination of the "royal bones" is being conducted at the Sverdlovsk regional forensic medical bureau, at a laboratory in Moscow, at the DNA identification laboratory of the U.S. army at the genetic laboratory of the University of Massachusetts, and at a laboratory in Innsbruck, Austria.


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