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House of Romanov still doubts authenticity of Yekaterinburg remains (updated)

The following contains an unbelieveable statement by a spokesman for the house of Romanov that the remains of the Imperial family have not been verified.  It is impossible to understand the reasons for this. - Bob Atchison.

Moscow, March 27, Interfax - The House of Romanov has studied the Russian Investigative Committee's statement on the criminal probe into the murder of Russian Tsar Nicholas II, and his family said that the central question - whether the Yekaterinburg remains were authentic - has not been answered.

In October 2011, following a series of forensic tests the Russian Investigative Committee referred a copy of the statement on completion of the criminal probe into the imperial family's murder to the House of Romanov, which spent several months studying it.

"There is nothing new in this statement that was kept under wraps for so long. We did not find anything that would change our opinion concerning the authenticity of the Yekaterinburg remains," the House of Romanov spokesman Alexander Zakatov told Interfax on Tuesday.

"The statement cites documents which remain closed to us. We cannot take these arguments on faith," he said.

The Russian Investigative Committee's statement, released in January 2011, says that the remains found outside Yekaterinburg were those of members of the imperial family and their relatives, executed by the Bolsheviks.

The Russian Orthodox Church has not recognized, either, that the remains found near Yekaterinburg are those of Nicholas II and his family, he said. "The House of Romanov agrees with the Russian Orthodox Church," Zakatov said.

"Some questions have remained unanswered. The theory that Nicholas II and his son were beheaded remains very vague to this day. There is indirect evidence suggesting that this could have been done. Investigators did not brush this theory away. The fate of the cook Sednev has not been established, either. This issue has nothing to do with the authenticity of the remains, but is related to the tsar's family. Some claimed that the cook was executed, too. Investigators did not answer the question about his fate. He did not disappear in little faith, did he?" Zakatov said.


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